Emily Miles, is your local; pinstriper, sign painter, and gold leaf artist in Hampton Roads Virginia.  Everything is hand drawn, and painted.  She uses 1Shot Sign Painter’s Enamel Paints on cars,  motorcycles, signs, windows, purses, and even shoes!  For all marine crafts, she uses Petit or Awlgrip Marine Paints, to insure longevity against the harsh salt water, and sun. 

   Hand painted pinstriping and lettering is a true American Art form that has been lost over the past decade due to the boom of the vinyl industry, but hand painted work is making a huge comeback because of those of  you that still enjoy the true beauty of hand finished work.  

  Thank you for supporting your local sign painter and pinstriper, you’re the ones that keep this form of art alive!

7 5 7 . 8 1 0 . 2 0 5 5  or email  milespinstriping@gmail.commailto:blackmoongypsy@gmail.comshapeimage_2_link_0